One thing that I’ve noticed around the climbing gyms is that most people just come in and start climbing the walls. No matter if they are experienced or not, they come in and grabs the hardest route in the gym. I did the same before but I am convinced that warming up before getting after those hard routes is nessecary. I have written an article on warm ups for climbing called, 7 great warmup exercises for indoor climbing. I try to follow all those exercises before I start a climbing session.

Importance of core strength

A lot of climbers focus on the wrong things. They think “just if I get stronger arms I’ll climb harder routes…”. That could be true for some climbers but for most of us it’s not the arm strength that is the weakest link, it’s the technique. To relax your arms, use your full body strength to move forward is something a lot of people forget. To be able to use your body strength you need to work on your core. Here is an article on have to improve your core strength with the plank.

I hope you read the articles and the it can improve you as a climber just as it did for me.